TV + Movie Workouts

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Why TV and Movie Workouts?

I noticed that a huge base of my audience is stay at home mom’s. I know as well as anyone that stay at home moms don’t always have time to go to the gym. Heck, going to the gym can be difficult for anyone! So, I decided to mix what we all love (watching stuff) with getting healthy!

How Do I Choose Which Ones To Do?

I look at what shows and movies were popular on Netflix for the previous 3-6 months. If I haven’t seen it, I watch to get a feel of it. And then design a workout you can do while watching!! I do some based off of requests as well, so if you want to request one, fill out the form at the bottom!

How Do I Get the Best Results From The Workouts?

1. Drink more water on workout days.
2. Banish any foods that are high in salt.
3. Stretch before AND after any workout.
4. Eat a banana or granola before a workout.
5. Drink a protein shake or eat fruit after a workout.

Season 2 Workouts

13 Reasons Why (Coming Soon)
American Psycho
Ant Man (Coming Soon)
Batman Movies
Big Brother
Big Little Lies (Coming Soon)
Blast From the Past
Bring It On (Coming Soon)
Cailou (Coming Soon)
Center Stage (Coming Soon)
Clerks (Coming Soon)
Clockwork Orange
Dawson’s Creek
Drop Dead Diva 
Fantastic Beasts (Coming Soon)
Fight Club (Coming Soon)
Frozen (Coming Soon)
Full(er) House (Coming Soon)
How To Get Away With Murder 
Iron Man (Coming Soon)
Jurassic Park
Kubo and the 2 Strings (Coming Soon)
Labyrinth (Coming Soon)
Law and Order: SVU
Legally Blonde
Les Mis (Coming Soon)
Lost (Coming Soon)
Master of None (Coming Soon)
Melrose Place 
Moana (Coming Soon)
Monty Python/Holy Grail (Coming Soon)
Napoleon Dynamite (Coming Soon)
Office Space (Coming Soon)
Party of 5 
Paw Patrol (Coming Soon)
Pitch Perfect (Coming Soon)
Power Rangers (Coming Soon)
Pulp Fiction
Real Housewives (Coming Soon)
Rogue One (Coming Soon)
Save the Last Dance (Coming Soon)
Scream (Coming Soon)
Shameless (Coming Soon)
Sixth Sense (Coming Soon)
Sons of Anarchy 
Spider Man (Coming Soon)
Stranger Things (Coming Soon)
Superbad (Coming Soon)
Teen Mom 
That 70’s Show
The 100 (Coming Soon)
The Flash
The Matrix (Coming Soon)
The Office (Coming Soon)
The Prestige (Coming Soon)
The Truman Show
Thor (Coming Soon)
iZombie (Coming Soon)

Season 1 Workouts
American Horror Story: Asylum
American Horror Story: Coven
American Horror Story: Hotel
Devil Wears Prada
Game of Thrones
Gilmore Girls
Gone With The Wind
Grey’s Anatomy
Harry Potter
How I Met Your Mother
Hunger Games
Mean Girls
Parks and Rec
Once Upon a Time
Scary Movies Genre
The Notebook
Veronica Mars

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